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Brighton Early Music Festival Showcase and Club Night

On the afternoon of November 5th, as part of Brighton Early Music Festival's Live! young artist scheme, we were given the opportunity to perform at BREMF 2016, alongside fellow ensembles on the scheme, Block 4, Lux Musicae London, Fresh Ayre, and Consone Quartet.

We very much enjoyed performing to a wonderfully friendly and enthusiastic audience of promoters and regular concert goers! The venue was St Paul's, Brighton, a church with a near-perfect acoustic for our instruments. We were able to choose our own lighting for the performance (what a treat!), and of course selected our customary Hesperi red. We performed several pieces to suit the theme of the festival, which was in 2016 'Science and Nature'. Below you can listen to the full performance on BREMF's YouTube channel:

In the evening, again as part of the BREMF scheme, we performed at a Club Night at The Joker in Brighton, to bring Early Music to new audiences! We had already performed at a couple of Open Mic nights in and around Brighton in October, and it was a fantastic opportunity to play to a people who had not heard any Early Music before - and with amplification!

Here are a couple of pictures... with the fantastic Roland electronic harpsichord!

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