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'The Phesant's Eye' - Scottish Baroque in Scotland!

Ensemble Hesperi are delighted to have received a full-length review of their Scottish Baroque programme, which they performed for the first time on 17th November at St Andrews Cathedral, Aberdeen, as part of the Aberdeen Lunchbreak Concert Series.

"Mary-Jannet Leith's playing on several different recorders not only had astonishing ease and fluency; it disclosed such depth and breadth of rhythm, phrasing, dynamics and instrumental colour that made every piece played by the Duo come across as a masterpiece, aided by Thomas Allery’s delicate precision harpsichord playing throughout the performance."

"Both performers gave a stunningly exciting performance [of Corelli's "La Follia'] with the harpsichord almost seeming to catch fire near the end. This was music at its most thrilling but in fact that was true of the entire performance."

Alan Cooper, Aberdeen Lunchbreak Concert Series, 18/11/2016

To read the whole review, please follow this link:

Review of 'The Phesant's Eye' - Alan Cooper

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