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Hear it Live! at the Horniman Museum

Next Tuesday, we're off to the Horniman Museum to perform with this beautiful 1776 Kirckman harpsichord in their monthly 'Hear it Live' series. We'll have half an hour to entertain any visitors to the museum, who, I'm sure, as it's half term, will include many kids and families! We've chosen a programme with lots of short, fun, pieces, which will really show the colours of this wonderful original instrument. There'll be Handel, (two movements from his famous A minor recorder sonata, and also 3 of his pieces for musical clock), Sammartini, and of course, one of our Scottish Baroque Airs by James Oswald!

1772 Jacob Kirckman Harpsichord

If you're in the area, and fancy learning more about our instruments and repertoire, why not drop in to the Music Gallery on Tuesday 30th? We're playing at 3.30pm, and it's absolutely free! For more information, follow the link below..!

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