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Utrecht Early Music Festival Audience Award

We're delighted to announce that, following our performance at the Utrecht Early Music Fringe Festival last year, we have been awarded the prestigious Audience Award. Over 70 young Early Music ensembles from across Europe gave short programmes at a wide variety of beautiful venues across the town. At the end of each concert, each audience member was requested to fill in a feedback form, which had numerical scoring on various aspects of the performance (quite daunting!). Our own audience was very enthusiastic, and they showed their appreciation throughout, but we never thought we could have done enough to receive the audience award. We are so happy to have made them happy - surely that's the best a musician can hope for?

Apart from the accolade itself, the Award comes with a brilliant opportunity - a concert at the 'Fabulous Fringe' at Utrecht this year! We are very much looking forward to returning to the festival, and to enjoying all the incredible concerts throughout the week. Each Fringe artist is given a badge which allows free entry to every performance - and last year, we took full advantage of the festival's generosity. On one day, we attended 4 concerts! The atmosphere is inspiring on so many levels, and there is so much we can learn from other Early Music professionals. Updates later this year!

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