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Continuo Foundation Success!

We're absolutely over the moon to have been selected as one of the first grantees of the Continuo Foundation, which supports ensembles in the UK's flourishing historical performance sector. We have received a grant of nearly £5,000 for our upcoming project, "From Caledonia to the Capital", which explores the vocal works of our favourite Scottish composer James Oswald. We'll be performing with an expanded ensemble of 9, including a tenor and a soprano, with one live performance in London (Saturday 17th September at St Mary-le-Bow church), alongside a different programme for our online audiences, and a short educational video as well. We'll be starting rehearsals in June, and you'll be able to follow our progress on social media and, of course, here on our blog!

Congratulations to all of our brilliant colleagues who also received a grant! You can find out more about all the ensembles here:

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