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English Music Festival Online - book your tickets now!

On Monday 25th May, at 2.30pm, we will performing online at the English Music Festival, with a fantastic programme, 'Handel's Glorious Baroque'', which will consist of recordings from some of our recent concerts, and some high quality home recordings as well - and even a new layered video recording with all four of us!  The concert will also feature spoken introductions to the pieces from us all, recorded remotely, as well as instrument demos from Tom and Mary-Jannet at their home in West London.

You can buy tickets at the link below! You'll need to scroll down to our concert, which is in the last blue section towards the end of the list:

It would mean so much to us if you were able to join us on the 25th. A high percentage of the ticket sales will come straight to us, the artists, so if most of our supporters book a ticket, we may be able to receive a similar amount to our original fee!  We look forward to 'seeing' you there!

Here's our programme in full: 

James Oswald (1710-1769) 

The Anemone – The Honeysuckle

From ‘Airs for the Spring’ and ‘Airs for the Summer’      

G. F. Handel (1685-1759)

Recorder Sonata in F major, Op. 1, No. 11, HWV 369

Larghetto – Allegro – Siciliana - Allegro

Henry Purcell (1659-1695)

Harpsichord Suite in C Major Z. 666                                                                                      

From ‘A Choice Collection of Lessons for the Harpsichord’

Prelude – Almand – Corant – Saraband

Anon (compiled J. Walsh)

Greensleeves to a Ground                        

From ‘The Division Flute'

Francesco Geminiani (1687 – 1762)    

Trio in F Major on ‘The Last time I came o’er the moor’                     

from ‘A Treatise in Good Taste in the Art of Musick’

Andante – Grave – Allegro

G. F. Handel (1685-1759)

Harpsichord Suite No 3 in D Minor, HWV 428                                                   

Praeludium – Allemande

G. F. Handel (1685-1759) 

Twenty Pieces for a Musical Clock                                                                       

Sixth Air - Variations – Va Godendo

Giuseppe Sammartini (1695-1750)

Sonata VI from 12 Trio Sonatas                                                           

Adagio – Allegro – Largo – Allegro

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