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Join us on Facebook Live at 1pm on Fridays for #Hesperi at Home!

Over the past few weeks, our recorder player Mary-Jannet Leith and harpsichordist Thomas Allery, who are married and therefore cohabiting during the COVID-19 lockdown, have been streaming live from their home in West London. On the 15th May it will be our 7th concert, and we're so happy to be able to bring you some of our favourite music at such a difficult time, and to chat live with our supporters on Facebook as well.

But you don't have to be on Facebook to join us: just head to our Facebook Page at 1pm, and, as soon as we start to stream, the video should pop up in the middle of the page under 'Videos' and you just need to click 'play'. 

Or catch up with our concerts so far here:

Our first few weeks have included a huge range of Baroque and Renaissance music, as well as a special new commission from Matthew Shlomowitz, "Historically Uninformed"! Themes have been: Music for Dance, Music for Energy, Handel Week, and a May Day Mix with lots of 'folky' Scottish Baroque music - our favourite.

And if you can spare any contribution towards our live-streamed concerts, we would be incredibly touched.

First, if you'd like to make a one-off donation, you can use our secure PayPal link below :

If you're one of our regular listeners and would like to become one of our patrons, do follow our Patreon link below to give regularly - and THANK-YOU so much for your support.

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