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"Then I play'd upon the Harpsichord": Launches 5th November

We're delighted to launch the online film of "Then I play'd upon the Harpsichord" this Saturday at 12 noon. This unique programme, filmed live at London's Six, Fitzroy Square In August this year, celebrates the life of Queen Charlotte, Consort to George III, and her profound love of music. With special guests Rowan Pierce (soprano) and Nathaniel Mander (fortepiano), we performed with an expanded ensemble of 8 musicians, with actor Miranda Keeling dramatising snippets from Charlotte's own diaries, and the memoirs of her lady-in-waiting, Charlotte Papendiek.

Despite a tiny venue, our amazing engineer and filmographer Tom Mungall has produced an incredible 90-minute film, which you can stream *from Saturday 5th November* at 12 noon on our new Vimeo site here. You can view at your convenience, and access codes are £10 each. You will also receive a PDF download of the programme booklet, which contains all sorts of interesting nuggets about Queen Charlotte and her relationship with the music we played.

We are extremely grateful for the support of our sponsors, the Continuo Foundation and the Georgian Papers Programme, without whose generosity we simply wouldn't have been able to bring this project to life! Do explore their websites, and share their wonderful work with your friends and colleagues. And to learn more about the research behind "Then I play'd upon the Harpsichord", you can pop over to YouTube, where our harpsichordist Thomas Allery interviews recorder player Mary-Jannet Leith about her academic research on the domestic music-making of Queen Charlotte and George III.

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